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Luda Hiekin is your trusted, experienced, solution driven and fastidious source for REAL ESTATE and RELOCATION services in Florida, all Tampa Bay areas, St. Petersburg, Clear Water, and Sarasota.

With years of experience as a homeowner and a Coldwell Banker Realtor and servicing all areas in Florida and Tampa Bay, I help both, buyers and sellers achieve their real estate objectives and goals. I have extensive knowledge of each of the communities and school systems located around all Tampa Bay areas, including St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Clearwater. It will be an honor to serve our Tampa Bay community and assist you in finding your way HOME using up to date regional and market expertise.

Personal Bio: After purchasing and selling 9 primary homes in 2 states, I thoroughly understand the whole legal and emotional process of buying, selling, and all that you have to go through to get to closing, while finding your way HOME.

I have also relocated 5 major times, most recently in Tampa Bay, Baltimore to Tampa in 2013, and from Ukraine to the USA. (Yes, I speak Russian and Ukrainian, too :)) I understand the immigration process as I was one myself in 1990 and all that involves during the move, encountering cultural diversity, assimilation, and adjusting to the major life change and settlement areas.

My Bachelor’s degree in Nursing of 25 years’ provided me with the whole scope of understanding of diverse human needs. Compassion, love, care, nurture, and grace is what each human soul should experience here, on earth, and I am here to guide you through all your real estate processes that you chose to encounter.
My other passions are Nature, Plants, Edible/Flower gardening, Reading, Cooking, Arts and of course Pets. I live with two pooch-angels that grace my daily activities with lots of love.

Luda Hiekin, your trusted, genuine, solution driven REAL ESTATE EXPERT.